North Syracuse High School junior Emma Warner is responsible for new speech therapy software being implemented in the district.

Inspired by her sister, Emma started raising money last year to get ultrasound technology for her school.

She reached her goal, raising $5,500 and now the equipment is on its way to helping more than 250 students improve their speech. 

"Just seeing her struggle was hard, like "r"s, she doesn't really...they just want to be done with it and go do other stuff that other students are doing," Warner said. "I know sometimes she doesn't get to do recess because she has to work on speech."

"I just see benefits across the district as we share this device to help kids speak more clearly and get better results in speech therapy," said Amy Stevens, a Cicero Elementary School speech therapist.

Speech pathologists said what the technology does is helps make invisible things visible.

Just like the ultrasound in the doctors office, this equipment provides a video of the student's tongue.  That helps teach students where to put their tongue to create the sound.