NATIONWIDE — The computer glitch that stranded travelers and caused airlines in the U.S. to experience departure delays on Monday morning has been resolved, according to the FAA. 

  • Southwest says vendor is the cause of the outage
  • Unknown what caused the glitch
  • Delta says there are no cancellations expected

A third-party vendor, AeroData, that is used for flight planning suffered a technical issue on Monday morning, causing numerous airlines to apologize to passengers as multiple departures were delayed.

Southwest Airlines issued a statement, saying the cause of the glitch was due to an outage.

"As of 6:05am CDT, Southwest Airlines has lifted an internal ground stop implemented for about 40 minutes this morning during an outage with a vendor that services multiple carriers with data used in flight planning. Scattered flight delays are anticipated and customers should check for the latest updates on specific flights," Southwest stated.

JetBlue, which was also impacted by the delays, stated that AeroData, the vendor used by the airlines for flight planning, experienced an "issue."  

Southwest Airlines apologized to its customers, replying to them through Twitter and saying, "Apologies for the inconvenience this morning as we fought through some technology issues. We've received word that the problem has been resolved, though, so we'll have you on your way ASAP."

Delta also explained to customers on Twitter that the glitch was a technical issue.

Delta also tweeted that no flight cancellations are expected due to the issue.

The FAA also took to Twitter, warning travelers to contact their airlines for the latest information. The agency stated that several U.S. airlines were experiencing computer issues.

However, in a follow-up tweet, the agency stated the issue has been resolved.