A New York State proposal to expand the list of eligible 5-cent bottle returns could mean a lot more nickels in consumers’ pockets.

The proposed changes to the "bottle bill" would add the 5-cent deposit to plastic bottles of juices, coffee drinks and sports drinks.

Some recycling haulers are opposed, saying it would take the value out of what they pick up from homes and businesses.

They also suggest it will cost shoppers more in the long-run.

“Consumers gotta carry their particular products back. It costs the store more space for the recycling,” said Darren Suarez of Business Council of New York State. “All of that is a cost that gets born by the consumer, ultimately.”

Recycling companies said this program would earn the state more money, and although some of that money would get split between recycling programs, it would ultimately increase the cost of trash pick-ups.

Lawmakers will decide on the expansion for the April 1 budget deadline.