Meet the new mayor, same as an old mayor.

The Herkimer County village of Poland had an election on Tuesday to replace outgoing Mayor Mary Paul, but no one stepped up to run.

Former Mayor Lance Bennett won the uncontested race by 34 write-in votes, according to the village. 

Bennett now has 30 days to either accept or decline the position. 

Residents had several theories why no one decided to run for the office. 

"It's very time consuming, you know, and people have jobs and families and stuff and their time is pretty well taken up," said Pat Goggin.

About 500 people live in the village that connects State Routes 8 and 28.

It's not the biggest area, so as far as pay goes, it wouldn’t provide the biggest paycheck.

"The current salary for the year for the mayor is $2,500," said Village Clerk Brandie Guarno.

No matter what happens, residents said just want a bright future for the village.

That includes the current mayor, who is stepping down for personal reasons after two years on the job.

She hopes the next person in office is there for the taxpayers.

"To make sure that tax money is spent wisely and that everything that is currently provided for the village will stay that way," she said.