SUNY New Paltz's college council has adopted a resolution with new names for six of its buildings that are currently named after slave owners.

The new names reflect the region's geography, including Lake Mohonk and the Minnewaska Preserve.

The changes are in response to backlash over the buildings and a dining hall previously named after prominent Huguenot families, who were slave owners.

SUNY New Paltz President Donald P. Christian said the new names, chosen from a public poll, were favorable to a majority of voters.

"The sentiment of most of the respondents was very strongly in favor of place names, something that tell visitors to the campus and students something about the region and the area we're living in,” Christian said. “I certainly endorse that basic concept.”

Christian said the next step is to bring this resolution to the SUNY Board for its May meeting. After their approval, the school can move forward with the new names.