Reporter: "What are your thoughts about gameday no longer happening here?" 

"What? No longer happening here?!" said one Syracuse fan. 

For Syracuse fans, it has been a tough day. And now more is changing. 

"I assume they're canceling it because of the car accident. Hey, listen it's a basketball game. A kid lost his life. You've got to put things into perspective," said Republican State Senator robert Antonacci.

ESPN's College Gameday show will no longer be here in Syracuse-- instead hosted at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. 

The news followed the death of Syracuse man -- who was struck by a car driven by coach Jim Boeheim. 

"But I think it was the right decision by ESPN to do it out of respect of the family," said Syracuse Fan Mike DeBlois.

"I feel like everyone is going to come together here and it's going to be wild here. It's upsetting that it's going to be there but everyone's going to come together here an get the win," said fan Tina Riegler.

Despite the tragedy and the change of plans, fans are looking on the bright side. 

"I think whenever people are faced with a tragedy like that they come together and this is the perfect opportunity for it. I obviously feel terrible for the family but I think it's a great chance to bring the community together because that's how we get through the winter's in Syracuse-- is through basketball-- so it might bring everyone together moving forward," said DeBlois.

Fans still got a small taste of the College GameDay experience -- boarding the show's bus earlier in the day.