Doctors in Onondaga County are seeing a big spike in flu cases.

The health department says the biggest jump was in the middle of January, where the reported number of weekly cases went from 85 to 150 in one week.

As of this month, the number has now jumped to 270 confirmed cases of the flu in Onondaga County. There is also significantly more flu activity in Central New York than any other part of the state.

Doctors say they are seeing more cases of H1N1 better known as swine flu this year, and it's likely the real number is even higher.

"The other thing is a lot of people that have the flu, never go to the doctor. They're sick, they stay home and wait it out. So we know there is a lot more out there than we actually see and we are seeing a lot of it now," says Dr. Steven Blatt, Upstate Golisano Hospital Pediatric Director. 

Of course, it's never too late to get your flu shot. People 65 and older, young children and pregnant women are at highest risk of developing potentially deadly flu complications, according to the state Health Department.