Syracuse Police are disputing reports that an assault near Syracuse University over the weekend was racially motivated.  Police are currently continuing to look for the perpetrators.

The incident happened early Saturday morning on Ackerman Avenue, just blocks from the main campus. According to an anonymous student statement circulating social media, the victims were at a birthday party, when they went to the door to investigate a noise.

A man and a woman were on the porch, and allegedly said a racial slur at them according to the statement. It then says the women proceeded to then to strike them in the head with a handgun, threatening their life.

The police report also indicates the female suspect struck all three victims in the head with what appeared to be a handgun.

Three people in all were hurt before the suspects ran off.

Syracuse Police say they spoke with both victims and witnesses, and they say it does not appear that this incident was motivated by race.

Anyone with more information is asked to give them a call at 315-442-5222. Or you can use the SPD Tips App.