UTICA, N.Y. -- On February 6th, 2017, first responders were sent to a Utica apartment, and found 44-year-old Irene Williams stabbed to death.

It's a day that her daughter, and now convicted murderer, Tasheonia Hills, said she'll never forget.

"Losing her on February 6th was the start of my punishment," Hills said.

Throughout the trial, the defense argued Hills had been in a state of psychosis, but the jury ultimately found Hills guilty of second-degree murder.

"You say you didn't intend for this. Your actions speak otherwise," said Oneida County Court Judge Hon. Robert Bauer. "Over 100 stab wounds."

Hills' brother and father spoke during her sentencing. They asked the court to send Hills to a mental facility.

"I love you and I hope everything turns out okay for you in there," said Hills' brother Shawn Hills.

"It makes no sense," said her father. "I still don't understand it, but I do believe that treatment is the best thing that she could have to try to save what's left of my daughter."

Hills' grandmother, who is also the mother of the victim, spoke too.

"Irene was liked by a lot of people," said Jean Williams. "She helped a lot of people with her smile. You took that away from her."

"My grandmother said that she wishes that I ask God for forgiveness. I've already done that," Tasheonia Hill said. "The hard part is trying to find the strength to forgive myself."

On Monday, Hills was sentenced to 22-years-to-life behind bars. It's a sentence her grandmother thinks is fair.

"I think it will justify for what they convicted her of. And, I'm satisfied with the sentencing," said Williams.

Hills said she misses her mother every day.

Hills was also sentenced to one year in the Oneida County Jail for a fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon charge.