Upstate legislators are inviting Amazon to move one of its proposed headquarters out of New York City.

This is all in the middle of a new power struggle between Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature surrounding the Amazon deal.

Several legislators are calling on the company to relocate the site somewhere in Syracuse, Binghamton, or Rochester. They say the cities have prominent colleges and universities — giving Amazon a large pool of job seekers to choose from.

Such a move would bring $25,000 jobs to the upstate region. State Sen. Bob Antonacci is one of those representatives pushing for the move.

"With all of the resources we have, we would hope Amazon would give us a chance to become the home of the new headquarters. We would be willing to work with them to help boost economic and job growth,” Antonacci said.

The deal to bring Amazon to New York City was brokered by the mayor and governor. It has faced opposition from community groups and members of the City Council, as well as Senate Democrats, who say they were left out of the process.

Legislators didn't offer many details saying they would still have to be worked out, but they look forward to speaking with the Chamber of Commerce.

At this point, Amazon has given no inidication it's rethinking its plans for New York City.