Congressman John Katko moderated a heated debate on the future of I-81 in Syracuse on Saturday at Saint Matthews School.

The gym was packed to capacity, as both sides of the highway debate made their voices heard.

There are three options to replace the elevated portion of I-81: a tunnel, a community grid, and replacing the current structure. While everyone seems to care about the same issues such as jobs and commute time, they just can't see the other perspective.

"I get my paycheck from the city. There are cultural events the city offers me, amazing restaurants the city offers me. And I feel like it is a small price for me to pay to have a slightly increased commute time," said Coran Klaver, who favors the community grid option. 

Not all agree with Klaver.

"It's going to affect me and my commute, and everyone else that lives down there. It seems like they are forgetting about the southside. They want me to go 481 all the way up to Teall Ave? Or you know anwhere in the city?" said John Walker, who is in favor of the elevated highway. 

This is the last in a series of town hall meetings about the highway. Katko has yet to take a position because he says he is waiting for more data to become available.