Patients with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are being helped by "busy devices."

House of the Good Shepherd students and staff made and donated aprons and blankets to the Mohawk Valley Health System St. Luke's campus in December. The "busy devices" have different textures and things for patients to focus on.

The materials the students used had originally been donated to the school, so they used donations they received to help others.

"The busy blankets offer them an important sensory information that is helpful for their brains. Helps structure, organize, give them activities that can decrease their restlessness or agitation," said Acute Care Physical and Occupational Therapy Manager Amanda Straney.

"It was nice for them to learn to make something, then give it away. Because a lot of the kids, we make stuff, they get to keep it for themselves. So this is something we could make, learn how to make and then share it," said House of the Good Shepherd Home and Careers Teacher Penny Primeau.

The devices are washable, and the teacher plans on having future classes participate.