With the Canadian border just a short distance away,  North Country communities are more vulnerable to human trafficking.

"The mindset is always, ‘that's not happening in my community that only happens in larger cities’” said Victims Assistance Center of Jefferson County Executive Director Jill Parker. “But it is happening here."

Smuggling people into prostitution and debt bondage has become a common crime in the tri-county area.

"It happens more prominently in rural areas and in rural areas that we live here," said Parker.

Local victim organizations are teaming up with law enforcement hoping to put an end to the trafficking issue.

"We provide information, referrals, advocacy, counseling to all victims of crime in Jefferson County," said Parker.

Parker is advocating for the National Blue Campaign in honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Thousands took to social media showing support for trafficking victims and shine light on the underground crime.

"The thought process is if you get awareness out and if you are being trafficked your more apt to see a campaign on social media," said Parker.