During the winter, everyone just wants to get inside. But what if you have no place to go?

That's where a Syracuse man, who once was homeless himself, steps in.

Al-Amin Muhammad is the founder of the group "We Rise Above the Streets." Every weekend, his foundation organizes Sandwich Saturdays, where they hand out lunch bags for people in need.

He said he does it to provide hope to those living on the streets.

"I was homeless for 10 years and I know how it feels to be out here ... I was going to start an organization. I was going to make sure no one out here suffered again like I did," said Muhammad.

He also said he carries survival packages with him to hand out to the homeless. They contain items like hand warmers, toothpaste, tooth brushes and snacks.

For more information you can visit the "We Rise Above the Streets" Facebook page.