Residents in Syracuse are getting their first crack at a new system in the city.

They recently launched the "Snow Plow Map," which shows the public which streets have been plowed in the last hour, which have been plowed during the current snowfall, and the streets they have not gotten to yet.

The DPW commissioner says it's another tool to improve communication with citizens, but people should be aware that they're still going to prioritize main routes first.

"We're going to do the best job as we possibly can,” said DPW commissioner Jeremy Robinson. “If you see anything out of the ordinary or if you have any concerns, make sure you call the city or city line and make a request if you feel we didn't hit your street well enough or didn't do it at all. Just make sure you call us."

You can find the Snow Plow Map by going to the city's website and click on the "Snow Safety" link on the right hand side.