Tony Wade is a man who wears many hats: a father and coach for high school sports, but he has also has worked as a local postal worker for 37 years. 

On Christmas Eve, Wade walks into his shift as a mailman, but comes out as Santa Claus preparing food baskets for residents in need. 

"I'm one of 14 kids [and was] very poor growing up. My mom was never looking for help either way, but I always said when I was a young kid that I'm going to give back," Wade said.

Wade, along with dozens of volunteers, prepared 100 baskets filled to the top. 

"I'm not going to just do it myself because as you can see, this whole group, they came on their own to do this. So, I do it to give back and to show young kids what it's all about because one day I'm going to need them to follow what I'm doing," Wade said.

And the kids are just as appreciative.

"When I met my coach for the first time, I didn't expect to see a man do so much for the community. It's really an eye-opening experience because he influences me so much. When I grow older, I'm going to do the same thing when I get older," said Alyssa Mann, an Institute Of Technology At Syracuse Central student.

As the packing finishes, deliveries begin and the group visited their first resident, Mr. Rufus.

"This is a hard-working man. He does a lot of odd-end jobs, [and] he deserves this right now. He deserves a lot more," Wade said.

Mr. Rufus said he felt great from the act of kindness.

"It's just a really joyful day because I like to give back to the community especially doing it beside my coach. It's like a bonding moment and I like seeing the people smile," Mann said.