Many of us will spend the holiday with family, but that's not an option for those incarcerated. However, this week, volunteers from the Onondaga County Justice Center will bring a little holiday magic to some young inmates.

Project Helping Empower Incarcerated Young People has been around for more than 30 years. The group's mission is to show a little love and kindness, not only during this season but throughout the year.

This week, volunteers will spend time with the teenage inmates, serve a Christmas meal and enjoy live music.

For volunteers who were in jail and had children in jail, like Jacqueline Mcmullen, the mission is personal.

"So this is somebody's child over here that you don't know if their mother even cares or if their mother is even here, or still alive, or if they have anything. You know, to me, that's a blessing," said Mcmullen.