A jury found Emerson Tohafjian guilty on all 18 counts relating to the shooting deaths of two people in Waterloo last summer. 

The jurors began deliberations Tuesday morning and returned a verdict around 5 p.m. 

He was found guilty for the deaths of Lori McConnell and Charles Andrus and seriously wounding a third victim, Karen Zdunko.

She testified during the trial, detailing what happened that night. 

Tohafjian's father left court distraught following Tuesday's verdict. 

“I love him with all my heart and I’m going to fight until the day I die. I am 72-years-old and I ain’t got much more time. You know, if he did this, he should be punished but there’s no proven evidence that my son did this. No gun. No DNA. No residue. No nothing," said Carl Tohafjian.

On Monday, Frank Ciardi, Tohafjian’s attorney, focused his closing statement on suggesting someone else committed the crimes and trying to discredit Zdunko.

He claims that she Zdunko was drunk at the time of the incident, and that McConnell and Andrus also had been under the influence for hours before shots were fired.

Zdunko clearly disagreed with those statements. She was in court during the proceedings and briefly lifted up her middle finger as Ciardi was issuing his closing arguments.  

Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch reviewed the timeline of the night and disputes Ciardi’s claim that Tohafjian was elsewhere when the victims were shot.