The FDA has approved a new flu medication to fight the nasty seasonal sickness.

It's called Xofluza and it was approved by the FDA in late October. The drug was first tested in Japan last flu season.

Some doctors say the results are the quickest they've seen yet, as the drug makes landfall this flu season.

Since 2008, Tamiflu has been the common flu medication on the market. Doctors say that won't go away yet. Xofluza has only been tested on patients 12 years or older.

But doctors stress preventing yourself from getting the illness should always be your first step.

“Prevention is the best so if you can go out there and vaccinate all your patient population that would be the best,” said MVHS Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Devayani Namassivaya.

According to doctors, less than 50 percent of the population gets the flu vaccine — a number doctors say needs to increase.