Names are still trickling in for the soon-to-be empty seat on the Watertown City Council. Councilman Mark Walczyk will be serving as the 116th District Assemblyman in Albany next month.

Nineteen applicants are going head to head for the city council seat. This is the first time in years that Watertown council members have seen this many applicants.

The city plans to invite the applicants for an introduction and interview. City officials say they are looking for individuals with community involvement and knowledge on important issues.

"We want to know where they stand on some of the things were currently involved with as far as city projects go," said Councilwoman Lisa Ruggerio. "We want to know if they support the continuation of the city pool project. We would like to know where they stand with negotiations with the fire department."

City officials hope to pick the new appointee by the end of the month.