One of the Syracuse Police Department's newest members in the K-9 unit has a special gift. 

Meet Endy and his handler, Officer Alvin Harrington. Endy's specialty is finding firearms. 

Endy joined the force back in September and was trained to sniff out the smell of gun residue. Gun-sniffing dogs are becoming more common across the nation, but Endy is the first trained by local police in New York State.

So far, he's been helpful in search warrants, foot chases and school security searches.

"If we can locate just one or two firearms and get them out of circulation, then there's one or two firearms that's not going to hurt anybody.  The more success we have, hopefully the more this might catch on. Maybe others will start picking up the trend," said SPD K-9 trainer Sgt. Joseph Szakacs.

Officers saying training dogs to sniff firearms is the same as training for sniffing out narcotics and explosives. The only difference is the odor dogs detect.