Police are investigating after human remains were found in Elmira.

The bones were found around 11:00 a.m. this morning on the Lackawanna Rail trail. Police say they were found by a man just walking his dog.

From the condition of the bones officers can’t even tell if it’s a man or woman. The skeleton is also not fully intact.

Police tell us the bones were found with bags and receipts. They however haven’t looked at those just yet as they’re waiting for a forensic anthropologist to arrive on scene.

Police believe the bones have been here since at least July but don’t have a cause of death. There are marks on the body but Elmira police believe this is due to animals chewing on the bones.

New York State police were here and are piecing together a 3D map of the scene.

The investigation is ongoing. Spectrum News will update you as more information becomes available.