The combination of the cold, clouds and snow is affecting the moods of some neighbors. Unfortunately, it's only the beginning, and it may be one of the coldest Novembers on record. 

Syracuse residents say they're doing what they can to stay busy and overcome the fatigue, whether it's going to the gym, doing things around the house or going out for the night.

But sometimes, the snow still gets the best of them. 

"I'm older," said Kenneth Scott. "I'm 59. I have some injuries. The snow, the cold really slows you down. Sometimes you want to get out there, but then you just don't feel like it so you don't."

"Time to get me out of here," said Joe Mayo. "I'm ready for it. I'd be coming back when the weather was better, and I would be looking forward for that."

There could be a brief end in sight for the bitter cold conditions, as temperatures are expected to rise later toward the end of the week.