UTICA, N.Y. -- The prosecution continues to lay out their case in the trial of a former Utica College student.

Fahrudin Omerovic faces two counts of making a terroristic threat.

The phone call threats led to a lockdown at the college back in March.

Tuesday, the jury heard from several witnesses including police, saw footage from police body cameras, and heard recordings of the phone calls.

Several were made on March 5th and 6th.

In one call, the caller tells a 911 Oneida County dispatcher, "I've got a hostage at Utica College. I've got a hostage."

The caller is allegedly the defendant Fahruden Omerovic.

Tuesday, police described the armed response to the college when calls started coming in.

Several law enforcement members had assault weapons, and undercover officers were on-campus on March 6th as classes resumed.

An employee in the security office testified that Omerovic visited his office on March 6th because Omerovic was having issues with his ID card.

The same employee had been answering the concerning calls on March 6th.

The defense previously said Omerovic made the calls, but is questioning if they were technically threatening calls.

Defense attorney John Raspante also asked if the police presence was excessive and if that caused fear among students and staff.

"Aren't they educated to not always panic because often it is just a prank or false alarm? Am I correct?," Raspante asked Joseph Amerosa of the Utica Police Department. 

"No. No it's not," said Amerosa. "We don't train people for pranks or false alarms. Ok? We don't know if it's a prank or false alarm until after the fact, so we're not going to play with people's lives."

The defense previously claimed Omerovic was using Adderall at the time.

Law enforcement members testified on Tuesday that Omerovic did not seem like he under the influence of anything when they spoke with him.

The prosecution will continue calling witnesses on Wednesday.