While most of us can get a little overwhelmed cooking for our loved ones, the Rescue Mission is getting ready to feed 2,000 people. 

For those that don't have food this Thanksgiving, Rescue Mission's kitchen team is preparing a big feast.

Head cook Aaron Hayes and a group of workers are preparing around 200 turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner. The team has been getting ready by boiling turkeys and freezing them, as well as prepping side dishes.

Even with the massive amounts of food to cook, Hayes says it never feels like work.

"You know people love it, it's really a help out to people who don't have anything or have nowhere to go can come here, it feels like family,” said Rescume Mission chef Aaron Hayes.

The Rescue Mission serves about 400 meals at its center.

About 1,600 more Thanksgiving meals are delivered by volunteers through the county, for those who can't make it downtown for the feast.