"She was the woman who helped change the outcome of these United States,” said Pauline Copes Johnson, Harriet Tubman's great-great-grandniece.

Harriet Tubman is among the prominent figures honored at the New York State Equal Rights Heritage Center.

And her great-great-grandniece says she's proud of Tubman for fighting for equal rights.

"I'm 91-years-old,” said Johnson. “I hope to live a little longer. I am a volunteer. The first one to volunteer, and I'm going to tell them about Aunt Harriet if I can."

The center is located on South Street in Auburn. It opened Tuesday.



 "A lot of love and sweat and tears and laughs went into it,” said Rose Harvey, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation commissioner. “But it's a reminder of what our ancestors did for us, it's a reminder to honor their work, we must continue their work."

"We have so much to offer,” said Stephanie DeVito, the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center Operations Manager. “We have the Harriet Tubman National Park. We have the Seward museum. We have Thomas Osborne. There's a wide variety of history to share with the younger folks and the older people who've never been to our community."

"It has a small cafe, the Taste of NY which gives you just a taste of what you can experience if you go further and deeper into the geography here,” said Harvey. “It also informs you all about the recreational opportunities, fishing, hiking. It could be indoor, wine, beers."

Organizers hope the center enlightens and encourages visitors.

"You need to look back and live forward,” said Harvey. “Let's look back, understand, appreciate and build upon that."

And they walk away:

"With the sense that all people are created equal,” said Johnson.

Ready to explore a state filled with great history and inspiration.

Organizers say the center needs volunteers.

For more information, head to their website.