It's a panic for parents everywhere: not enough day care providers.

Child Care Solutions says Central New York is facing a day care desert. 

The local child care organization defines it as when three or more children in need of care are competing for one available spot.

Onondaga County alone has lost five licensed programs in the past two years, impacting around 270 children.

The founder of Shining Stars Daycare says a variety of factors are to blame for the child care shortage.

The biggest challenges are having enough money to keep child care facilities up and running, and a lack of educators.

"Since we can't find teachers, we are all in the same boat. Then, we're holding back slots. We can have a room that can be licensed for eight, but we only have one teacher so we can only do four. So, there are four people on the waitlist,” said Stella Penizotto, Shining Stars Daycare director. 

According to a Child Care Solutions report, 75 percent of parents reported that child care issues negatively impacts their work.

Many parents have had to arrive late or leave early, switch shifts or cut back on hours.