As the race for New York’s 22nd Congressional District comes to an end, Anthony Brindisi was in the Southern Tier making his final push for votes. Brindisi and his supporters rallied together Monday night.

Throughout the week volunteers have been going door-to-door, making phone calls, and anything else they can do to encourage people to vote for Brindisi on Election Day.

“Talking to people every place we go reminding people of the importance of getting out to vote tomorrow. And just making sure they have a way to get there and that they know where to go to get to vote,” said Heather Stale, a supporter.

Brindisi says he's focusing on the issues he plans to address if elected.

"Health care is important I want to people to know that I'm going to make sure I stand up and protect people with pre -existing conditions focusing on preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare focusing on the this opioid crisis,” Brindisi said.

And his supporters say they stand by him because of that.

“I'm an insurance agent and I sell health care plans and most of my clients are senior citizens and they are very concerned about cuts to Medicare. I have a lot of friends with pre-existing health conditions and they're afraid if Anthony doesn't win tomorrow,” Stale said.

And while his opponent has received high-profile support from Washington, Brindisi would rather spend time with neighbors in the district.

“I think it shows a great contrast actually between our campaign, and her campaign is one of built by Washington insiders. They want to keep her in power because the system can continue to be rigged in their favor,” Brindisi said.

Now he'll have to wait and see if voters in the 22nd District agree.