Two businesses in the Downtown Syracuse area are closing, leaving many without fresh food and medical care. 

Tops Markets is closing three stores in Central New York — one of those stores that is already closed is on South Salina Street.

A few minutes down the road, Rite Aid is closing. It operates the only pharmacy in downtown Syracuse.

Many in the area don't have a car, making it difficult to get the things they need.

City officials say the area is vulnerable to becoming a food desert, and they're trying to bring in other stores.

"A retailer that's going to lend some support to the community, whether that's fresh produce and well-priced, medical accessibility, maybe a five-star medical clinic,” said Susan Boyle, of Syracuse Common Counsel District 3.

Rite Aid has been in the community since 1979. Its pharmacy will close on November 26, and the store will close on December 10.