The 118th Assembly District of New York State has been secured by Republican Marc Butler for over two decades. After his recent decision to step down from his post Democrat Keith Rubino and Republican Robert Smullen have set their campaigns to secure a seat in Albany.

Republican candidate Robert Smullen served as a colonel in the Marine Corps for 24 years. He wants use some of the skills he developed in the political arena.

"Lowering taxes, second lessening regulations people have to deal with, and third is to make sure that we enjoy the liberty which we have in this state,” said Smullen, about his plan in office.

On the other side of the aisle is Democratic candidate Keith Rubino, with a background in communications he's ready to serve his district.

"What I want to do is work in the majority with Democrats, and help them understand the needs and the values of our area,” said Rubino.

The two candidates both want to secure schools and lower taxes, but they start to disagree on healthcare. Rubino believes everyone should be able to have some sort of healthcare, with Smullen trying to make it more efficient than the current system.

Smullen was endorsed by longtime incumbent Marc Butler.

“What I plan to do is to take all of the positive things that all Marc Butler has done and work in my own way,” said Smullen.

Rubino was asked if he will follow after Butler, but nodded that he would be able to get more done in Albany due to his political party.

“Well no I think the problem Marc Butler had was he had trouble getting stuff done with Democrats because he was in the minority,” said Rubino.

That idea of change will soon be in the hands of the voters on November 6.