Current Congresswoman Claudia Tenney had strong words for the man she replaced after former Congressman Richard Hanna announced his support of Democrat Anthony Brindisi in the 22nd Congressional Diestrict race.

Hanna, who gave Brindisi his support Wednesday night, stated that the focus in Washington is not where it should be. He said there is a need for two healthy parties and thoughtful debate based on facts and the future. Instead, Hanna says there are people pretending to be leaders.

Thursday morning, Tenney responded to the endorsement. She referred to herself as bipartisan and says Hanna, "reaches across the aisle and then punches the Republicans in the nose on the way out.” Tenney also says Hanna didn't stand for GOP values.

"To all of sudden have our Republican carrying our banner in Washington turn around and endorse Hillary Clinton for president, the only Republican Congressman in the entire nation to do that, and to really just backstab Republicans after these years that we relied on him and put him in office, I think this just shows the kind of person he really is,” Tenney said.

Hanna and Tenney went through a bitter primary race four years ago.

To learn more about the candidates in the 22nd Congressional District candidates, Claudia Tenney and Anthony Brindisi will face off in a televised debate next Thursday at 7 p.m. Spectrum News anchor Tammy Palmer will be joining Capital Tonight's Liz Benjamin at Colgate University.