Herkimer Diamonds is getting some attention from the British royal family.

The owner said she knew jewelry was commissioned by the Duchess with one of their jewelry designers, Pippa Small.

However, she didn't know when it would be worn.

Spectrum News was told Meghan wore three rings, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet, all done in 18-karat gold earlier this week.

A fire destroyed parts of the Herkimer Diamond Mines attraction last year, but they've been busy building new areas -- and this is the icing on the cake.


"We experienced a massive fire so it was really one bad day in history, and literally one year later we experienced such international notoriety through a wonderful woman," said Herkimer Diamond Mines Resort Owner and President Renee Scialdo Shevat.

Consumer mining at the Herkimer Diamond Mines will continue through November 1st. Thanks to all the new attention, commercial mining has been extended through December, weather permitting.