As the world has watched the Senate hearing unfold, there was one group with a different eye on the matter.  

Syracuse University Law Students watched Judge Brett Kavanaugh's testimony and parts of Friday's Senate discussions together.

They say what they witness was not the norm for how these hearings should run.

During Kavanaugh's hearing, students say they noticed Senate Democrats treated Kavanaugh as though he was on trial. 

On the contrary, they say Senate Republicans treated him as though he was interviewing for a job. 

These are two very different approaches. 

Instead, students say the Senate Judiciary Committee should have kept in mind that this is simply a system of checks and balances. 

However, students say the hearing was more politically based and only further divided the senate committee.

Students also said they were surprised by Kavanaugh's demeanor. 

They expected him to be more calm and even tempered.

After watching the hearings, students said it only made them more determined to pursue their goals in the legal field.