The Tully School District is in the middle of a capital project expected to last through next September, and some parents are unhappy with the learning conditions for their children. 

They say the elementary school is dusty, tools are unmonitored, wires are hanging and there are loose nails, among other issues. 

Parents say the dust-up is distracting, and students return home with migraines and sinus issues.

They also wish school officials would have a more efficient procedure for people who visit the school. 

Superintendent Rob Hughes says all of these problems were addressed quickly.

He insists the school is safe and a construction manager is present to ensure workers are complying with all of their requirements.

Hughes adds there is no construction inside the school while children are present, but work is being done on the outside.

He scheduled a forum to answer questions, but parents say it's too late. 

"They could have done this a week before school started," said Lindsay Moore, who’s kids attend both the elementary and high school. "And say, 'Hey, you know, we're really truly sorry that the school looks the way that it does, but it is safe and we're going to do the very best that we can do to get have an easy transition for the kids to get back to school.' There's just zero communication. There's no direct answers."

The forum will be held at Tully High School at 6:30 p.m. Monday.