WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- North County veterinarians are asking Watertown city officials to keep the dog control program running.

Last month, Spectrum News learned the Jefferson County Office of Dog Control could shut down as early as January 1 due to:

  • More and more communities opting out of the service
  • Leaders saying the service isn't worth the price
  • It being too expensive

So far, eight municipalities have left the program, while 15 are still in, including the city of Watertown.

Those 15 remaining municipalities will have to decide if the program will continue by September 28.

Veterinarians say it is an essential service.

"You know which town is dealing with your dog and where that dog ends up. So it can become kind of a fractured type of service. I really think that in Jefferson County, having it be a contained service, is the better way to go,” said veterinarian Rebecca Reynolds.

Watertown City Councilors will vote at their meeting on Monday.