ROME, N.Y. -- Students at George Staley Elementary school get a few more extra days of summer.

The Rome elementary school pushed back the first day of school due to a few first floor classrooms having moisture issues.

According to Superintendent Peter Blake, tests haven't confirmed if the moisture was caused by mold or mildew.

The superintendent is calling the closure a precaution so classrooms can be cleaned without students in the building.

Blake says it's too early to tell if the missed days will impact the school year overall.

"This is a very unforeseen circumstance. Sometimes the State can grant waivers relative to your days and your hourly requirements so if we need to cross that bridge, my first plan would be to petition the state for a waiver due to the unforeseen circumstance, knowing we were as proactive as we could [be] but we're taken into account the health and safety and welfare of the kids and the staff,” said Blake.

Once affected rooms are cleaned and tested, classes are expected to resume on Monday.