It happens time and time again.

Residents are repeatedly contacted by con artists through phone scams.

The latest makes false claims that they are the IRS.

"Will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations  pressed on your name at this moment," said phone scam caller.

Scammers tell people they owe money to the IRS and threaten an arrest if there is no payment. 

However, both the IRS and local police are reminding residents to be aware of these scams

They say the IRS will never call about a tax debt without sending an official letter first. 

"In this circumstance, if you want to hang up and call the IRS, they'll tell you that they didn't call you. Just try to think. You know---think it through. Most of these people are not going to call you and do these things to you over the phone," said Sgt. Richard Helterline, Syracuse PD Criminal Investigations Division.

If you do receive any scammed phone calls, you can also write down the number and report it to police. To file a complaint, visit the FTC's website.