ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. -- A kitty being called "Bambi" is doing much better now than she was about a week ago.

She was found near Eagle Street in Utica when she was heard crying in a wooded area.

"They found this cat, this little kitten. The kitten had a green leash wrapped around its abdoman area and was bleeding and was stuck and was obviously in pain. They had to pull a lot of the brush out to get to the cat, and when they found him (her), they were just amazed. They knew they had to get to the vet right away," said Deanne Balutis, the Purrs and Whiskers Director.

Bambi now has 25 to 30 stitches and is in recovery mode, and the hope is to eventually get her into her forever home.

However for now, she's in a foster home, in the care of a Purrs and Whiskers group member.

"I'm so grateful for the girls that were able to rescue her and that we got her into this rescue so that she could be helped," said Kathi Martin who is currently taking care of Bambi.

"Purrs and Whiskers is a small private rescue that takes in abandoned, stray cats, domestic cats and we spay, neuter, feline-leuk FIV test them, vaccinate them before we find them forever homes. We're always looking for fosterers," said Balutis.

It's not clear what happened to Bambi before being rescued, but Purrs and Whiskers members said she hadn't been with the colony of stray cats in that area before.

"The injuries kind of look like it was hung since it goes all the way around its sides in the abdoman area up to the back and the top couple inches on the back are not affected," Balutis said.

The SPCA is investigating the case.

If you know anything about this case, you're asked to call the SPCA's animal cruelty hotline. That number is (315) 454-3469.

Donations to help in Bambi's recovery can be made to the Waterville Veterinarian Clinic.