ALBANY, N.Y. -- A court appearance Friday for the man accused in a brutal beating in the city of Albany was brief.

Hubert Dabb's is accused of early beating a gay man to death in Albany.

His case is being sent to Albany County Court, pending action by a grand jury.

Family members of the accused say he suffers from mental illness.

Albany public information officer Steve Smith shared disturbing new details about Dabbs Wednesday. 

According to Smith, Dabbs arrested in 2014 for striking a victim with a lead pipe on the head and arms on June 27, 2014 on Yate Street.

The victim suffered lacerations to his head and arms, and Dabbs was charged with second-degree assault

And just the day before, on June 26, 2014 Smith says Dabbs exposed himself.

Smith adds that Dabbs is no stranger to the Albany Police Department; Saturday’s most recent arrest was just the latest, in his long criminal history.

Smith confirms Saturday’s victim, Christopher Sprague, lost his ear after being stomped on repeatedly, and suffered facial fractures.

Their relationship remains unclear, but Smith says they did know each other.

Dabbs was charged with second-degree attempted murder.