Barry Hudock was once a teacher at Christian Brothers Academy.

CBA's president says Hudock was no longer a priest when he was hired at the school.

Shortly after the allegations came to light in 2009, Hudock was fired.

He was one of the 300 people named in a Pennsylvania grand jury report, that accused clergy members of assaulting more than a thousand children.

Now, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is sharing her thoughts.

"We have to work harder, we have to proclaim louder, we have to build relationships," said Danielle Cummings. "All I ask the people of our diocese and people beyond, do not use a broad brush. Every priest has not abused somebody, every religious is not a a bad person. It is a small percentage, although it feels like a lot."

Cummings says the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse implemented a safe environment program. It requires all employees and volunteers to be trained on how to react to the symptoms and signs of sexual abuse.