Two grieving families are reacting a day after convicted kidnapper Gary Thibodeau died.

Thibodeau was serving a sentence of 25 years to life for the abduction of Heidi Allen.

Allen disappeared in 1994 and her body was never recovered.

Thibodeau was found guilty in August 1995, but maintained his innocence until his death.

There were several appeals for a new trial, but were denied each time.

For both families, there may never be closure in this case.

"I feel for his family. We all have family, they are suffering a loss. There is no celebration. There is nothing. But he could've passed away and what if he's the only person who knows where my sister is? That's a lot to swallow: that the one person who may know where Heidi is took that to his grave," said Lisa Buske, Heidi Allen's sister.

"Skin and bones, the last time I seen him he was skin and bones. He had no strength left. I feel like he kind of gave up because what else you going to do? He said, ‘Hope: funny word,'" said Richard Thibodeau, Gary's brother.

Thibodeau died less than two years away from his first possible parole hearing in January 2020.