BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Protecting endangered species can seem like a difficult task.

But the Binghamton Zoo is helping educate people through Conservation Weekends.  

This week, the zoo is focusing on pollinators.

“If people don't know why honey bees are important to our environment, then they won't necessarily support conservation efforts for them. But if we tell them, ‘this is what bees do for our environment and without them our environment would be completely different,’ then it gives them a bit more solid visual," said Kat Sanders, an education intern at the Binghamton Zoo.

Workers say education is an important step toward preservation.

Restricting pesticide use by hand-picking weeds or planting a garden are some other positive changes.

"You can even create a pollinator basket in a basket on your front porch so there’s a lot of things people can do," said Binghamton Zoo Director Jackie Peeler.

To make a donation to help conservation efforts, click here.