The President of the United States of America is coming to town. 

"For a president, any president to come to a town like Utica is a big deal so it'll be a lot of fun," said Utica resident, Dale Mattox.

It's not the first time a sitting president has visited Oneida County, but it's been several decades. And this visit is gearing up to be one for the books. 

While in Utica, President Trump will be attending a campaign fundraising event on behalf of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, the republican incumbent of the 22nd Congressional District. 

It's a race political analysts across the country have a close eye on. 

"It's important to everybody, it's particularly important to the President because he's got an incumbent and he can't afford to be losing many incumbents," said John Zogby, a Public Opinion Pollster.

Support like this from a sitting president, is a dream come true for any political candidate.  Zogby says it gives a campaign new life and new momentum, but it could also have that same effect on the opposition. Tenney faces Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi in the upcoming election. 

"Because [Trump] is such a controversial character and bombastic in so many ways, this could equally energize the oppositions supporters as well and donors as well and so on. Almost puts a burden on the Brindisi campaign to bring in a heavy hitter," said Zogby.

But despite his time in office often being described as polarizing, Utica residents say, politics aside, Monday will be a very exciting day. 

"Regardless of your opinion on him, it's the President and this is our city and it's something we should be proud of that regardless of your opinion on him, he's coming here of all places," said Joie Grimaldi.

President Trump's fundraising event is not open to the public. Details about where it will be held and when have not been released yet.