Talk of removing a street light in Canastota is facing some backlash. 

The State DOT is overseeing a traffic signal analysis at the intersection of Route 13 and Center Street. The current light is old and needs to be replaced.

But before the DOT can spend any money, a study must be done to determine if the light is still needed. 

Village Mayor Carla DeShaw wants a new light at one of the village's busiest intersections for pedestrian traffic. She says turning onto Route 13 can also be hazardous because it's difficult to see. 

"Residents are very upset about the light being removed. It's been here for 32, 33 years. So it's been, in their opinion, it's been a prevention of accidents and pedestrian accidents as well," said DeShaw. 

Village officials are urging concerned residents to write a letter to the DOT explaining why that light is necessary.