Mosquito season is here, and some neighborhoods can expect aerial spraying soon, after some samples tested positive for the Triple-E virus.

The Onondaga County Environmental Health Director says the Cicero Swamp is targeted for spraying early next week. It's still not clear which day.

On the other hand, Oswego County officials are still surveying the Toad Habor Swamp area, and don't have a confirmed spraying schedule. Since mosquitos are active this time of year, health officials are pushing neighbors to be proactive.

"To make sure people are using mosquito spray, and that they are using it on their children and they are wearing long sleeves and long pants when they're outside,” said Onondaga County Environmental Health Director Lisa Letteney. “And they're really making sure their environment, etc. don't have standing water. We've had a lot of rain lately."

Keep in mind; mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk.