The New York State Fair is only two weeks away, and while some people can't wait for all of the fun, others are voicing concerns about changes this year.

Some people believe the parking spots at the recently paved Orange Lot are too narrow, but the DOT says the dimensions meet the state's standards.

Crews will also be making wider spaces for bigger vehicles. The lot will be completed before the fair and will offer 7,000 spaces.

Another problem brought up was drink prices.

Acting Fair Director Troy Waffner says vendors will only provide Aquafina brand water bottles for $2. Last year you some vendors only charged $1.

The goal is to standardize water at the Fairgrounds by keeping it to one brand. Aquafina is bottled in New York State.

Waffner says water costs more at other fairs and you also don't have to buy water if you come prepared. You can bring it inside the Fairgrounds, with multiple refill stations available.

If you want milk instead of water, you will still be able to purchase that for $0.25 a cup. Tully's restaurant will be the new sponsor of the Milk Bar this year, replacing the New York State dairy exhibits.

Despite the changes, Waffner says there are quite a few deals to keep in mind.

“There is more to do whether you come on a dollar day, a $3 Thursday or full priced weekend, there’s more to do free once you get on these fairgrounds than probably anywhere else, any other fair in the country,” said Waffner.

The fair will run from August 22nd until September 3rd.