PREBLE, N.Y. — A Preble man is refusing to remove a Nazi flag from his property, and claims he's the victim in this controversy.

Jody Fish says his Wi-Fi is being hacked by his neighbor, and no one is doing anything about it.

So, he raised the flag on his Route 11 property to get the town's attention.

And it's certainly garnered some attention, with more than 800 people signing an online petition asking town officials to take it down.

Town Supervisor Jim Doring says while the town doesn't agree with Fish's decision to fly the Nazi flag, it's on private property, so there's nothing they can do.

While Fish is refusing to take the flag down, he stresses that he does not identify as a Nazi supporter.

"No, no. Basically, I'm just trying to call attention to — I'm a victim. I would love to take it down, it's been a nightmare. No. Definitely not, I'm quite the other way. I'm quite Christian," said Fish.

Spectrum News went to the neighbor's house for comment and no one was available.

Fish says he will attend the Preble Town Hall meeting next Monday to talk to the community.