One of President Trump's cabinet members was in Central New York today.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured one of Oswego's nuclear plants. He was joined by Congressman John Katko at the James Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant. 

The two were there to tour the plant and talk about the importance of energy. 

This particular plant was significant for them because in 2015 the previous owner announced plans to close the plant.

However, April of last year, Exelon Generation took over saving thousands of jobs in the area, which is why stressing the importance of nuclear power plants is so important Perry.

He says it improves the three E's: Sustainable and cheap electricity, the economy and the environment.

"I can tell you what the value to this country is from the standpoint of knowing that's it's got a reliable electrical grid that's protected against attacks and it's diverse enough to withstand an attack over here because we can fill in with this nuclear plant," said Perry.

Perry also said the fight to keep the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant open is the same fight he wants to see across the country in regards to other plants facing closure. 

The Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant is now licensed to operate until 2034.