Around 40 million people move or relocate each year, according to USA Today.

Syracuse, Binghamton and Watertown have made their list of top 50 cities people are moving away from.

The survey says around 10,000 people have left both Binghamton and Watertown since 2010.  They rank in the mid-twenties and thirties on the list.

Syracuse lands at No. 13, with nearly 18,000 people leaving over the past 7 years.

But those at Visit Syracuse say the city has plenty to offer -- from affordable housing, to Syracuse University and its sports, and the music and nature surrounding the area.

The group says they are not only hard at work to bring new people in each day but to get them to stay.

"The great thing about Central New York is its diversity. There is absolutely something for everyone. Whether you like the arts, music, museums, county parks, state parks.  There is something that will satisfy everyone and their need to explore so really try to push that as much as we can. Not only to our local audience but people from a far as well,” said Visit Syracuse President Danny Liedka.

Rochester also made the list, coming in at No. 16.