SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It was a daring rescue that connected people across the world -- 12 kids, all soccer players and an adult coach were trapped for weeks in a Thai cave.

And unbelievably, among the team coming to their rescue was an Airforce rescue specialist from Syracuse.

Master Sergeant Derek Anderson served as dive operation planner, for the Navy seals team. He talked about the nearly-impossible task they were facing, after the team was discovered.

"After we located them, the most difficult, which is the access you know, they were so far back in the cave which was tricky. And then on top of that cold flooded waters, with almost no visibility, pinch points that created even more dangerous areas for divers and the children and so I think that when you collectively look at all the specific dangers. That's why everybody was saying that this is one of the most difficult and historic rescues there was because one something like this has never been done,” said Anderson.

In order to get out, the boys had to use scuba equipment, and oxygen that was strapped to two divers.

Then they were placed on stretchers, when they were on dry ground, carrying them through that zero visibility through the cave system.

Right now, the boys are in a hospital, but in good health. Their families are being kept on the other side of a glass wall for now, waiting for when the doctors say it's OK, to hug their boys.